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Poster: Jim F Date: Jun 1, 2010 11:52pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: April 1970

Yeah, 30 grand to play less than an hour (which by itself is a laughable concept for the Dead. Maybe in 1966, but 50 minutes in 1970 is just barely a warmup)? In 1970 dollars that would be quite a sum. If that was their going rate, I don't think they would have been near as broke as they were all those years. That must be an error. Maybe he meant $950.

And yes, I agree with you on the Fillmore shows. I think they stepped up a bit, there is a consistency, and the Miles factor surely must be considered. As we have a couple period Dark Stars surrounding the April run (though not nearly enough), for me the real treat would be the Alligator>Caution. That once common and classic pairing had all but disappeared by then, and I would love to hear how it had evolved in that era of typically fine jamming.

In the past I have neglected a lot of 1970, mainly due to the lack of good quality tapes compared to other years. But I recently acquired the whole year as well as become quite the AUD fan, and have discovered a lot of little hidden gems in there. Stuff I didn't expect to find based on setlists alone.

I've never been as hot on 4/15 as other people. But 4/12 is a beast. I still say that's my favorite Dancin' of the year. Hate me all you want, 5/2/70 defenders! :-P